Urban Body Elections tomorrow, Fate of 1393 candidates will be decided by voters

Urban Body Elections tomorrow, Fate of 1393 candidates will be decided by voters

Raipur: Voters will decide the fate of 1393 candidates in fray for corporator elections in 385 wards of 15 urban bodies in Chhattisgarh. Election to urban bodies will be held on Monday.

According to State Election Commission, preparations have been completed to conduct peaceful elections on  Monday from 8 am and 5 pm. 7,78,420 voters including 3,87,530 male voters, 3,90,843 female voters and 47 other voters will exercise their franchise at 1000 polling states in 370 wards of 15 civic bodies. Similarly, 25,767 voters including 12,689 male voters, 13,075 female voters and 3 other voters will exercise their franchise for by-polls at 35 polling stations. Election materials were distributed on Sunday and all polling parties reached the polling booths safely to conduct a free and fair election, the State Election Commissioner added. The State Election Commission has allowed 18 different photo identity cards for the elections this time.


During this period, there will be a ban on selling or serving any kind of intoxicant in any public place or private place including hotel, club, restaurant, eatery and shop within the polling area. The elections will be held in Nagar Panchayat Bhairamgarh (15 wards), Nagar Panchayat Bhopalpatnam (15 wards), Municipal Council Birgaon (40 wards), Nagar Panchayat Narharpur (15 wards), Municipal Corporation Bhilai (70), Municipal Corporation Risali (40 wards), Municipal Council Jamul (20 wards), Municipal Corporation Bhilai Charaoda (40 wards), Municipal Council Khairagarh (20 wards), Nagar Panchayat Maro (15 wards), Municipal Council Baikunthpur (20 wards), Municipal Council Shivpurcharcha (15 wards), Nagar Panchayat Prem Nagar (15 wards), Nagar Panchayat Konta (15 wards) and Municipal Council Sarangarh (15 wards). The by-polls will be held in 15 wards.


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