Unique initiative: Good Samaritans honoured in Raipur for prompt assistance to accident victims

In a unique initiative aimed at raising awareness and encouraging prompt assistance to accident victims, the Senior Police Superintendent of Raipur, Santosh Singh, honoured six Good Samaritans who provided immediate aid to the injured in road accidents.
As part of this initiative, photos of these Good Samaritans were displayed on hoardings at intersections across Raipur, serving as a reminder of the importance of timely assistance during emergencies.
The event, held recently, saw the presence of senior police officials including Additional Police Superintendent Traffic/Protocol Anurag Jha and Deputy Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Raipur, Gurjeet Singh.
The SSP emphasized the critical role of Good Samaritans in saving lives, particularly in the crucial moments following road accidents. He directed the Traffic Police Raipur to identify and commend individuals who promptly provide aid to accident victims, ensuring immediate medical assistance.
Statistics reveal that approximately one and a half lakh people lose their lives in road accidents in India annually, with delayed medical aid often being a significant factor. Recognizing the importance of the “Golden Hour,” the first thirty minutes post-accident, the SSP stressed the need for swift action to transport the injured to medical facilities, which can significantly enhance survival rates.
Despite the prevalence of bystanders capturing videos and photos of accidents, he expressed concern over the lack of proactive assistance to the injured. He urged all station in-charges to actively promote Good Samaritan acts in their respective areas and reward those who demonstrate exemplary conduct in aiding accident victims.
During the event, several Good Samaritans from Raipur district were recognized for their selfless efforts in assisting accident victims. Among them:
Dashrath Sahu, who promptly arranged for an ambulance and transported the injured to the hospital following accidents near Navapara bus stand and Piprauda village.
Khileshwar Mahant, who ensured immediate medical aid for the injured in an accident near Kanki village by calling for an ambulance to Kharora Hospital.
Kartik Kumar Nirmalkar, who played a significant role in providing medical assistance to accident victims near Dunda Nala.
Ravikumar Sahu, who arranged for immediate medical help and ambulance services for the injured near Mujgahan Nala.
Govinda Sahni, who assisted accident victims in Dumartarai by promptly calling for medical aid and arranging transportation to the hospital.
Parth Vaishnav, who facilitated immediate medical assistance and ambulance services for the injured near Abhanpur Signal.

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