Notification regarding of B grade city will be issued soon:MLA Shailesh Pandey

Notification regarding of B grade city will be issued soon:MLA Shailesh Pandey

Demand of B-Grade status to Bilaspur people to be fulfilled soon

Bilaspur:The long pending and much-awaited demand of the people of Bilaspur will soon be fulfilled as far as the expansion Bilaspur city limit and B-Grade status to the city is concerned

Bilaspur City MLA Shailesh Pandey said that the state government has sent a detailed proposal to the Central government for declaring Bilaspur as Bgrade city. With the release of the notification by the CentreBilaspur will get the status of B grade city, said MLA Pandey.

It is worthwhile to mentioned, central and state government undertakings, operational in Bilaspur,are counted among the leading organisations of the country as far as earning profit and generating maximum revenue is concernedBesides, higher educational institutions like Guru Ghasidas Central University is situated in the district headquartersBilaspur and the headquarters of SECL and power generating units like NTPC are functioning.

Apart from this, there are many achievements to the credit of BilaspurBilaspur railway division is the highest revenue earning division across the country besides being the big source of energy. Recently, air services has been started in Bilaspur


MLA Pandey said that Chief Minister BhupeshBaghel has been guiding Urban Administration Minister Shiv Kumar Dahariya and Department Secretary Alarmelmangai D regarding B-Grade status for Bilaspur city besides being in continuous touch with the central government agencies.

MLA Pandey said that Bilaspur city is the second largest in Chhattisgarh state and it is the judicial capital of the state due to the presence of High Court.With the expansion of the Municipal Corporation, the Municipality and Nagar Panchayat including 15 surrounding villages will be included in the municipal limits area. The villages will witness development like in urban areas, MLA Pandey said.

MLA Pandey alleged that the BJP never wanted Bilaspur to become a B grade city. The Congress MLAs including MLA Pandey raised their voice in the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly for the Bilastspur paving the way for the development of Bilaspur and now B Grade status for the city.


MLA Pandey said that the limit of BilaspurMunicipal Corporation was less before 2019 but in the year 2019 the border was expanded and now the population of Bilaspur Municipal Corporation has exceeded seven lakhWe have completed the entire process of earning B grade status for Bilaspur,” Pandey said.

People from all walks of life, including general public, officials, employees, businessmen, will start getting benefits, once Bilaspur gets B-Grade status, Pandey said.

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