Chhattisgarh BJP prepares Lok Sabha action plan: ‘Lakhpati Didi’ programme to run statewide, ‘Go to villages’ campaign initiated; social media warriors to be formed

Raipur In a meeting held in Raipur on Thursday by the state officials of Chhattisgarh BJP, an action plan for the Lok Sabha elections has been prepared. Under this plan, the Women’s Wing will conduct the ‘Lakhpati Didi’ program, and there will also be a nationwide ‘Go to Villages’ campaign focusing on creating Social Media Warriors. This marked the first meeting of the organization after the BJP government came into power in the state and Kiran Dev became the state president. Kiran Dev urged the party workers to maintain the same level of activity as during the assembly elections for the next three to four months. Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai was also present at the meeting. Discussions centered around the Lok Sabha elections during this first meeting of the BJP state officials. Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai stated, ‘Just as we won in the assembly elections, we will secure all 11 seats in the Lok Sabha.

People trust Modi’s guarantee. They mentioned that the previous government had put Chhattisgarh in trouble, and the public wants to rid themselves of it. It’s our responsibility to live up to the people’s expectations.’ The Chief Minister was welcomed with a garland by the officials during the meeting. Sai highlighted, ‘As per Modi’s guarantee, we approved 18 lakh houses in the first cabinet itself. On December 25, we succeeded in providing a two-year bonus. A payment of 3716 crores has been made to 12 lakh farmers across the state. Provision has been made in the supplementary budget for the Mahatari Vandan Yojana.’ Among those present at the BJP meeting were state president Kiran Dev, Deputy CM Arun Saw, Rajya Sabha MP Saroj Pandey, and other officials. Deputy CM Arun Sao expressed, ‘As a small worker, the party entrusted me with the responsibility of the state president. With all your support, we worked hard and achieved success. If I have made any mistakes during my tenure, I ask for forgiveness.’ Sao added, ‘Gaining power is not our aim; serving is our aim. Now, after a massive win, we have to work among the public with complete humility. Our resolution is to make Chhattisgarh Congress-free in the Lok Sabha elections.’ Nitin Nabin, the state co-incharge, remarked during the meeting, ‘The workers always used to say they want their own government, and today that has happened. Congratulations to all of you. The simple tribal of Chhattisgarh is now working as the Chief Minister of this state, which is a very delightful experience.’ He continued, ‘An atmosphere was created where BJP couldn’t win. We continued to strive. We gained the support of the people. When the Prime Minister gave the slogan ‘Aau Nai Sahibo, Badal ke Rahibo,’ it was decided that the BJP government would stay. He said that we have been successful in gaining more than 51% of the votes in 30 seats. We have to garner even more votes. Soon, the sessions for meetings will commence. Guidance from national leadership will be provided.’ Strategy for Lok Sabha Elections: National conventions at the grassroots level Programs at 5,000 locations for new voters under the Youth Wing banner ‘Lakhpati Didi’ program by the Women’s Wing Efforts to create Social Media Warriors Continuation of the process to add new members to the party ‘Go to Villages’ campaign across the entire state Nabin emphasized the conduct of numerous such programs and the formation of separate committees for each task. He stressed the engagement in upcoming activities for the next four months while acknowledging the need to discuss their shortcomings alongside the positives.

Manish Tiwari

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