The District Education Office creates the post of a Denial officer.

The District Education Office creates the post of a Denial officer.

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Raipur. The District Education Officer of Raipur has issued an order for the appointment of Denial Officer.  You heard that right.

The school education department in Chhattisgarh has come up with this unique and extraordinary idea. The department has now created the post of denial officer. The officer shall bear the responsibility to refute every news related to the school education department in the media. For this, the District Education Officer of Raipur, Assistant Director D.S. Chouhan has been appointed as the nodal officer.


The District Education Officer in an order said that according to the instructions received from the Directorate of Public Instruction, any negative news in the print or electronic media against the School Education Department, must be denied the very same day. The Nodal Officer must prioritise this and therefore check the newspapers daily. In that too the news related to the school education department must be seen. After examination and analysis, a press release of the rebuttal is to be prepared and issued to the press through the Public Relations Department after taking approval from the Head of Office.


If the published news is related to the state government, then before issuing the rebuttal, the information must be discussed with the Director of Public Instruction, Secretary or Principal Secretary. The Nodal Officer, District Education Officer and District Education Officer will issue a final release bringing the matter to the notice of the Joint Director. Joint Director Education has to give this information to Director Public Education. The funny thing is that in this entire order nothing has been written about any procedure for checking the facts raised in the news and taking action against those responsible.

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