State Government releases guidelines for conducting official works in the offices

COVID-19 infection: State Government releases guidelines for conducting official works in the offices

To prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 infection, State Government has
issued guidelines regarding the operation of offices and has directed all the
Divisional Commissioners and Collectors to ensure the implementation of these

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the guidelines issued by State Government, all the Division Commissioners and
Collectors have been directed to make the use of masks and sanitizers
compulsory for all the officers/employees in all the government offices under
their jurisdiction. District Collectors can assess the local circumstances in
the respective districts and accordingly direct the officers-employees to ‘work
from home’ ensuring minimum attendance in the offices. After the evaluation of
the situation in their districts, Collectors will also be able to implement
‘work from home’ and ‘minimum attendance’ rule in private organizations, public
establishments and Centre-governed offices such as- banks, post offices,
insurance company.

vaccination should be made compulsory for all the officers/employees. All the
officers/employees should be directed to strictly follow the COVID protocol, so
that they may set an example for common people. Crowded places should be
totally avoided. And as far as possible, all the meetings should be held
virtually via video conferencing. State Government has given instructions to
ensure strict adherence to the guidelines issued for prevention and control of
COVID-19 infection.

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