Former Minister Pandey warns Collectors

Politicians come and go, but collectors serve longer: Former Minister Pandey warns Collectors


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The BJP leader said that the Collector influenced the results following the instructions of the Chief Minister 


Bhilai:Defeat in the Bhilai Municipal Corporation election did not go down well with BJP leaders who alleged fraud, manipulation in the counting and question the role of administrative officials. In this sequence, former Minister Prem Prakash Pandey said that in his 45 years of political career, he has never seen a collector licking the boots of the Congress leaders. Pandey also warned that the Collector will have to pay the price for his work while talking to media on Saturday. Pandey said that the collector of Durg district danced to the tune of Chief Minister BhupeshBaghel

Pandey asked is it justified to issue certificate to a candidate winning the election by one vote immediately after the results were announced while recounting was ordered in the case of a candidate winning election by three votes. The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh on one hand targeting collector in Uttar Pradesh and fostering a collector in his home district who is always ready to lick the boots. 

The former minister warned that the Collector should not forget that he/she has to serve for a longer period in the state. If a collector crosses the limits by being biased to the ruling party, then he/she will never progress in life. Politicians keep coming and going. Baghel is just three years old as chief of the state, but BJP had chief minister for 15 years. If the collector acts like this then his future will be not good. At the same time, the Durg MP said that the Congress has not won the civic elections and looted it.

Serious allegation 

With the announcement of elections, attempts were made to create an atmosphere of fear and terror by sending police to the homes of BJP workers and booth agents.

No one is allowed to enter the strong room where the ballot boxes were kept, but Bhilai Nagar MLA Devendra Yadaventered the strong room along with some Congress candidates in violation of model code of conduct.

Similarly, BJP candidates were prevented from entering the counting centre, but people of Congress and NSUI were present there in large numbers. 

After completion of each phase of counting of votes, it is mandatory to issue certificates to all the candidates of each phase of counting. However, it was not given to the candidates of many wards for the counting of votes which clearly indicated that the government and administration tried to influence the mandate.

Even after the declaration of victory of many candidates, there was a lot of delay in distributing certificates. This shows the wrong intention of the government, Pandey alleged.

A large number of unstamped ballot papers were found from all the ballot boxes. Attempts were made to influence the election results by using them wrongly.

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