Baghel gives strong message from House to those indulging in religion politics, Assembly passes Rs 2108.62 crore supplementary budget

Baghel gives strong message from House to those indulging in religion politics, Assembly passes Rs 2108.62 crore supplementary budget

Raipur: Chief
Minister Bhupesh Baghel sent a strong message from the Chhattisgarh Legislative
Assembly on Wednesday for those indulging in politics of religion and trying to
disrupt communal harmony.

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said that there is no space for people doping politics over religion and his
government will not tolerate it. Stern action will be taken against people trying
to disrupt law and order, the Chief Minister made it clear while targeting the
main Opposition in the House during his Supplementary Budget speech.
Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly approved the second supplementary budget of
Rs 2109 crore for the fiscal amidst boycott by the BJP.

presenting the Budget, Baghel said that the government had to curtail the
budget due to the central government’s biased attitude towards Chhattisgarh.

main Opposition BJP boycotted the House after their adjournment motion on
Ready-to-Eat food was rejected by the Chair of the House, Chief Minister
presented the Supplementary Budget of Rs 2108.62 crore in the absence of the
members of the main Opposition. It is worthwhile to mention, Deputy Speaker of
the House Manoj Singh Mandavi allowed the discussion after 3 pm on the
adjournment motion but the Opposition demanded it immediately.

speaking in the House, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that the BJP is in
dilemma over what to do, what not to do. When the Opposition members are shying
away in the House, how they can survive in the field, said the Chief Minister.
It is also beyond comprehension, who is the leader of the opposition, said the Chief
Minister while taking a dig at the BJP members. Actually, the Opposition did
not have any issue to discuss in the House and thus it boycotted the session,
said Baghel while describing the situation of the Opposition as pathetic.

Answering MLA Brijmohan Agrawal’s remark on three types of Congress in the House,
Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that Sonia Gandhi is the leader of the
Congress and they are also ready to accept the leadership of Priyanka Gandhi
and Rahul Gandhi. Baghel also targeted the Central government alleging it of
depriving states of their rights. Baghel said that the state government is
ready to run all the Center-sponsored schemes provided the Centre gives Rs 20000 crore pending amount to the
state. The Centre has not only snatched the rights of the state but also given
additional burden by increasing the share of states in all the schemes run by
the center, said Baghel. The decision of a curtailment in central excise on
fuel price has cost Chhattisgarh dearly as the state has to bear a Rs 800 crore
loss. The center should have reduced excise duty in fuel, said Baghel. Still, fuel price in Chhattisgarh is less than the neighboring states, said Baghel.

on the three agriculture laws, Baghel said that the central government has
turned ‘mafijeevi’ (apologist). “I would thank the voters who showed the
Central government the mirror in by-poll held recently in different states,
resulting in a reduction of fuel price,” said Baghel.

On the Ready-to-Eat Food issue and the Opposition’s claim of snatching employment from
20000 women, Chief Minister Baghel clarified that the test report of 1400
samples collected was alarming. There was no quality in the food mainly served
to provide nutrition to the beneficiaries, said Baghel. The state government
had no other option but to cancel the agreements, said Baghel. The previous
government did not follow the Supreme Court ruling on Ready-to-Eat food as far
as hygiene and nutritional value was concerned, said Baghel, adding the
violation of rules was made for commission only. The present government of
Chhattisgarh has ensured that the beneficiaries get nutritious quality food.
The system, which is being implemented by the Chhattisgarh government now, is
being implemented in UP, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh,
but the BJP  has never raised fingers
towards these states, said Baghel.

BJP in Chhattisgarh is left with no issue except conversion and communalism,
Baghel said. Baghel challenged the BJP to carry out a survey by Bajrang Dal,
RSS, or anybody on Churches and they will find that most of the Churches were
constructed in the BJP rule.

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