Rescue operations for safe rescue of Rahul Sahu continues 

Bilaspur:The line of action to rescue 11-year-old Rahu Sahu, trapped in a borewell pit at Pihrid village of Janjgir-Champa district, was reportedly changed with Army Jawans taking the responsibility. However, other agencies are equally supporting in the efforts for the safe rescue of the child.

It had been 100 hours since Rahul trapped in the 80-ft pit dug for a borewell at the village. Earlier, the NDRF team was trying to save him on the instructions of the army, but now the army jawans themselves had taken the command in their hands. 

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As per the updates received till Tuesday evening, the army jawans had descended into the tunnel. However, the reason behind this eleventh hour change was yet to be ascertained.

If sources are to be believed, Rahul’s condition was gradually deteriorating. He was given Frooti on Tuesday morning, but he did not consume it. On the otherhand, the administration says that Rahul’s condition was fine. “We can hear his voice”, said the officials. In the meantime, a new video of Rahul’s movement had also surfaced. In that video, Rahul was seen raising his head and giving a response.

Earlier, late Monday night, Collector Jitendra Shukla had told that Rahul was in better condition than in the evening. His breathing was also normal. “The child’s life is not in danger. Now, we can say that we have reached the final stage. We will take the child out very soon”, the Collector had said.

Referring the surgen’s version , the Collector on Tuesday confirmed that Rahul’s breathing rate was normal.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel tweeted that everyone’s prayers were with innocent Rahul. “Right now, in gestures, Rahul has demanded some food. The rescue operation is on. The matter is sensitive, so the rescue team is proceeding with caution”, he tweeted.

It was said that there are big stones between Rahul and the rescue team jawans. It was taking time in child’s rescue because of limestones inside the tunnel. The process was on to break them. Even during this, the Command-in-Chief of NDRF Vardhaman Mishra, engaged in the work of making a tunnel to reach Rahul, had  sustained injuries. The doctor treated them on the spot and he was immediately back to work, saying that the work should not stop under any circumstances.

In an effort to rescue Rahul without any harm, the tunnel digging angle has been slightly changed. A structure had been erected. Along with this, the stone under Rahul was being made smooth with the vibrator so that did not get hurt.

Besides, VLC (Victim Location Camera) was also being used to trace the exact location of Rahul. The camera was inserted in a big hole made in the wall. With this special camera, sounds coming from across the wall or rocks could be easily heard. Rescue will be made easy by listening to the sound from the camera. The jawans had made necessary preparations by checking this VLC camera. Earlier, the rescue team had used vibrator to break the rock. 

Worthwhile to mention the NDRF team had completed the work of making the tunnel late at night. As Rahul was up from the position, 4 feet of digging was done from below. In this way a big rock has come. After the drill, it will be cut manually with the  help of Victim Location Camera.

On the other hand, all possible preparations had been made to take Rahul out to the hospital. After rescue, Rahul will be reportedly taken to Bilaspur by an ambulance to get admitted to Apollo Hospital. 

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, the work of taking Rahul to the Green Corridor has been completed. The medical team has also been alerted about this.

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