Two former Chhattisgarh bureaucrats have brought bad omen for Adani, says CM Bhupesh Baghel


Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has said that that the two former bureaucrats, who worked in Chhattisgarh and later joined AdaniGroup, have brought bad omen for Goutam Adani. It is because these officials that that the Adani group is sinking. At the same time, the chief minister strongly raised the income issue of former BJP minister Rajesh Munat who has been locking horns with the chief minister on every now and then.

On ED raids, the chief minister questioned the justification for raiding Vinod Tiwari. Simply because he had complained against Raman Singh’s income and challenged the affidavit submitted by the former chief minister in the elections in the court. 

The chief minister also questioned the intention behind raiding Congress spokesperson R P Singh, because he had complained against Aman Singh. 

Adani should understand that the two people who were unlucky for Chhattisgarh have drowned Adani too. Baghel said that central agencies will become more as the elections nearer. 

The Chief Minister said that Raman Singh and Rajesh Munat are working as the spokespersons of ED.

An old printing press and an old motorcycle! Minister for 15 years, from where did he get so much wealth and he spent croresof rupees in his family’s marriage, said the chief minister not mentioning the name. Raipur city knows how much property he had. 

The state government is preparing to go to court against the ED raids. It is being told that its role is being prepared on the basis of the complaints of the victims. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghelalso indicated this on Tuesday. He said that ED is continuously troubling and harassing people . The chief minister described it as a torture. “We have also informed the Central Government. Even after that the central government is not taking any action. Now we have no option but to go to court. Will take this matter to the court,” said the chief minister.

Baghel said, there is nothing to fear from this action. When they cannot stand in a direct fight, then they adopt such tactics. The reason behind sending ED-IT is that BJP is scared in Chhattisgarh.

Divya Dubey

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