BJP has become ‘issueless’ and ‘leaderless’ in Chhattisgarh: Markam

BJP has become 'issueless' and 'leaderless' in Chhattisgarh: Markam

Raipur: State Congress President Mohan Markam said D. Purandeshwari has accepted that BJP has become issueless and leaderless in Chhattisgarh. She talked about taking the BJP’s 15 years of work in the 2023 elections, which has already been rejected by the people with a three-fourth majority in the 2018 elections.

He was replying to issues raised by Chhattisgarh BJP state in-charge D Purandeshwari in her recent press conference.

He added that even in two days’ visit and five divisional meetings, BJP’s state in-charge could not find a single issue against the Congress government, which is a huge success. The opposition has become issueless in three and a half years. No issue of public interest left to agitate against the government. She has nothing left to agitate on issues like farmers, laborers, youth, so she is going to agitate on an imaginary issue. 

Markam questioned that rules which were democratic in the BJP government, how did the same become undemocratic in the Congress government. This rule is also applicable in the BJP ruled states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi under the central government. It has been applicable in Chhattisgarh since the time of Raman Singh’s regime. The movement against the previous government suggests that the BJP is a shameless and opportunistic party. They interpret the rules as per their convenience.

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