Couples celebrating Valentines Day get harrassed by Bees.

Couples celebrating Valentines Day get harrassed by Bees.

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In a bizarre incident, couples who came to celebrate Valentine’s day at Gudiya Rani, a beautiful and attractive tourist place in Chhattisgarh’s Jashpur district, got harassed by bees. The couples had to face the wrath of moralist Hindu organization and also strangely enough wild bees.

A large number of young men and women from the neighboring district of Surguja had reached Rajpuri Falls, Gudiya Rani cave.

The former district Vice President, Mukesh Sharma, said that the place was noisy because of dancing and singing at the places.

Meanwhile, a swarm of bees suddenly became agitated with the noise and smoke. Suddenly the bees attacked, and people started running away. Many couples ran away, leaving behind their bouquets of flowers, food and drinks.

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