Police Investigation Uncovers Intricate Burglary Scheme, 7 Arrested with Recovered Stolen Goods Worth Rs 45 Lakh

Bilaspur police have uncovered a startling revelation in the recent theft case involving 20 thousand rupees and two gold necklaces. Upon apprehending the thieves responsible for the incident, the police were astounded to discover a significant amount of cash and jewellery valued at around Rs 45 lakh in their possession. However, their attempt to deceive the police with a fictional narrative ultimately proved unsuccessful. The authorities successfully recovered Rs 41 lakh in cash and additional jewellery from the accused individuals.

In a surprising turn of events, Sarojini Sahu’s husband Tulsiram (30), a housewife residing in Abhishek Nagar Phase 1 of the Civil Line area, filed a complaint at the local police station. She recounted that while enjoying a family outing at the waterpark on Sunday morning, she received a distressing phone call from a neighbour informing her that their house had been burgled. Immediately rushing back home, the family discovered a broken lock and their belongings scattered across the house. Sarojini stated that a sum of Rs 20,000 in cash and several gold ornaments were missing, prompting her to file a police report.

As the Bilaspur police launched an investigation into the theft, CCTV footage revealed three suspects who were subsequently apprehended. To their surprise, the police recovered jewellery and cash amounting to Rs 45 lakh. The authorities then summoned Sarojini to discuss the recovered items, but she made an astonishing offer: she suggested that the police keep half of the recovered jewellery and cash in exchange for not disclosing the recovered items. This raised suspicions among the police, who proceeded to question Sarojini further regarding the total value of the stolen cash and jewellery. It was during this interrogation that the plot took a cinematic twist.

Sarojini claimed that cash and jewellery worth approximately Rs 65 to 70 lakh had been stolen. This conflicting statement left the police perplexed since they had only recovered Rs 45 lakh worth of cash and jewellery from the accused individuals. Determined to unravel the truth, the police intensified their investigation and discovered that the captured thieves were merely pawns in a larger scheme. Two masterminds had orchestrated the plan, intending to dispose of the stolen goods while relinquishing the responsibility for the remaining 20-25 lakh rupees. They had calculated that even if apprehended, the police would only confiscate the recovered 45 lakh rupees.

The case has now attracted the attention of the Income Tax Department, as authorities aim to ascertain the origin of the money involved. So far, the police have arrested seven individuals in connection with the case, while two additional suspects remain at large. The arrested individuals include Shivdeep Tiwari (29) from Nagpura village, Suraj Vishwakarma (22) from Gidhauri village, Vishu Shrivas (20) near Gayatri Mandir Sarkanda, Kishori Lal Banjar (25) from Gidhauri village, Gajendra Kashyap (30) from Gidhauri village, Rukmani Sahu (50) from Lakhram village, and Samaes Kashyap (26) from Nevsa village.

The police continue their relentless pursuit of the remaining two suspects, conducting raids and search operations. This intriguing case serves as a reminder of the intricate nature of criminal activities and the perseverance of law enforcement agencies in upholding justice.


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