Two Naxalites, including a woman, eliminates in Bastar

Two Naxalites, including a woman, were eliminated in a clash between police forces and Maoist insurgents in the dense forests of Purangel Gampur, falling under the jurisdiction of Kirandul police station, situated in the border area of Dantewada and Bijapur. Arms were also recovered.
The bodies of a male and a female Maoist were discovered. The authorities are currently working to establish their identities, according to SP Gaurav Rai.
Sources indicate a possibility of multiple Naxalites sustaining injuries during the skirmish, highlighting the ferocity of the exchange.
Further intensifying the operation, security forces conducted extensive searches in the vicinity. As a result, the police successfully seized two firearms, a substantial cache of ammunition, and various daily use items from the area.
In response to intelligence reports indicating the presence of armed Maoists in the jungles of Purangel Gampur, a collaborative effort was initiated on March 18, 2024. A joint team comprising District Reserve Guard (DRG), Bastar Fighters (BFR) from Dantewada, and CRPF battalions 111, 230, and 231 launched a coordinated operation against the Naxals.
On Tuesday, during the ongoing search operation, the police achieved a significant breakthrough by eliminating a male and a female Maoist in an encounter.
As the search operations continue in the area, authorities assure the public of their commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region. Detailed information regarding the incident will be provided separately as the investigation progresses, said the SP.

Manish Tiwari

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