SECL issues the biggest tender for Mining Services (Composite Work) through GeM Portal

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SECL has issued the largest tender on the Government of India’s GeM (Government E-market Place) portal for coal handling, transport and other mining activities in its Gevra mine. The tender, with a cost of about Rs 2063 crores, is the largest-ever tender issued by any company for Mining Services (Composite Work). Through this tender, the company will expand the production capacity of the mine in Mega Project Gevra by partnering with private organizations in the OBR (Over Burden Removal), coal production and transport.

The entire process, from the invitation of tender to the selection of the firm, will be through the GeM portal. SECL’s contract with the selected organization will be for about five years. Under this, the organization will provide services related to OBR, coal mining, coal transport and other mining activities with the help of surface miner, HEMM, payloader and tipper and vertical tipper in the Gevra mine. Gevra is one of the largest mines not only in India, but also in Asia and recently became the first mine in the country to produce 50 million tonnes of coal in a year. There is a huge reserve of coal here, which can play an important role in meeting the country’s energy needs.

GeM Portal, launched in 2016, is an online portal created for Government procurement. The portal aims to make procurement by the government and its undertakings efficient, transparent and inclusive. It has several advantages for government buyers, such as the facility to invite bids from vendors across the country, speed up the tendering process, multi-bids, price trends and price comparisons from multiple suppliers, etc. The GeM portal provides facilities such as an integrated payment system to the buyer, direct alerts through notifications, online grievance redressal mechanism for quick resolution through a simple online dashboard.

SECL is also promoting the use of the GeM portal to simplify the process of inviting tenders for procurement of goods and services and to bring in greater transparency in compliance with the guidelines of the Government of India. The issue of such a big tender worth Rs 2063 crore by GeM is an important step in this direction which will increase coal production in collaboration with private firms.


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