Principal Secretary Sonmoni Borah directed for speedy construction and inclusive education at Saddu’s Prayas School

Sonmoni Borah, the Principal Secretary of the Department of Tribal Welfare, Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes, and Minority Development, conducted an inspection of the Saddu-based Prayas Residential School on Thursday morning. During his visit, he engaged with students who were preparing for competitive exams such as JEE and IIT.

Borah emphasized the historical significance of achieving goals without a mentor, citing the example of Eklavya. “We have to prioritize education here and strive to achieve our goals,” he stated. “Success doesn’t come solely from personal development; real success in society comes from participating in one’s own development,” Borah added.

He stressed the importance of fulfilling the purpose for which parents send their children to school and highlighted the need to consider marginalized sections of society.

During the inspection, Borah directed officials and representatives of the construction agency to ensure that the building construction adheres to quality standards and is completed within the specified timeframe. Expressing dissatisfaction with the slow progress, he urged officials to expedite the construction work and regularly monitor its quality.

Borah also emphasized the importance of planning for future needs before constructing the building. He instructed the construction agency to create a room model resembling a residential setup, ensuring that future facilities can be accommodated and improved as necessary.

Among those present during the inspection were EE Trideep Chakravarti from the Department of Tribal Welfare, Assistant Engineer Prakash Anant, Administrative Officer Manjula Tiwari from Prayas School, Principal Pramila Shukla, and representatives from Matrix Institution, including Rajesh Bodhe, along with other relevant officers and staff.

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