National Tribal Dance Festival 2022 – Orissa’s Ghudka tribe artists arrived in the capital.

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Raipur. The nomadic tribes of Orissa will perform enthrallingly with musical instruments made of wood and leather. Starting from November 1 in the Science College ground of the capital Raipur. Artists of the Ghudka tribe of Orissa will participate for the first time in the National Tribal Dance Festival. These artists will perform the Ghabukudu dance on the main stage.

In the Ghabukudu dance, about 22 performers dress up in their traditional costumes and dance while singing Ghudka songs. The Ghudka, a musical instrument made of wood and leather, is used in this dance. Both men and women participate in the dance. The women dance while wearing Kapata (Saree), Bhatharia and Badaria in their hands, Paisamali around their neck, and Nagmori in their arms, according to Reema Bagh, the head of the dance group. Men, in particular, wear nappies (dhoti) and a cap made of palm leaves on their heads. He explained that the Ghudka tribe is a nomadic species and that they perform this dance for the general public during their excursions outside the forest. This tribe is entirely reliant on forest resources for food and other necessities. They have a strong belief in their traditional deities.

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