Mahasamund young farmer transforms life with successful flower farming venture

Raipur: In the quaint village of Malidih, nestled in the heart of Mahasamund district, a remarkable transformation is underway. Arun Chandrakar, a traditional farmer, embarked on an unconventional journey a few years ago, shifting from conventional agriculture to flower farming. Today, his son, Amar Chandrakar, is continuing this legacy and turning it into a flourishing commercial enterprise.

Under the expert guidance of the Horticulture Department, Arun Chandrakar began cultivating roses on a 400×400 square meter area, taking advantage of the Poly House Scheme. His dedication and the technical support received proved to be the seeds of success.

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Amar Chandrakar, carrying forward his father’s vision, expanded the family’s flower farming venture by venturing into Jharbera flowers in 2020-21, allocating two one-acre farms for cultivation. The results have been astounding, with monthly savings of nearly Rs one lakh. Encouraged by these profits, he plans to expand the flower farming operations to cover about 6 acres.

This thriving enterprise has also created employment opportunities, with 35 laborers now working in the poly house. The flowers, including Sevanti, cultivated by Amar Chandrakar, have found their way to markets in cities such as Raipur, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata, and Bengaluru, fetching prices ranging from Rs 2.5 to Rs 17 per piece.

Amar Chandrakar, a Bachelor of Engineering by qualification, chose to embrace flower farming as a full-time occupation, forsaking the allure of an engineering career. He and his father are not only committed to agriculture but also actively engaged in various social initiatives.

Expressing his contentment with life in the village, Amar Chandrakar extended his gratitude to the state government for providing the opportunity, support, and resources that have made this transformation possible. His story serves as an inspiration to rural entrepreneurs and highlights the potential of innovative farming practices to drive prosperity in India’s heartlands.

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