Link Canal survey work started for connecting the Hasdeo River to the Kewai River via the Hasiya River

Raipur: The district administration has started the inspection and survey work for the construction of a 17.5 kilometre-long link canal to bring water from the perennial Kewai river to the Hasdeo river of Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur district via Hasiya river.

Officials said that there will be many benefits of this link canal, it will not only brings water to the Hasiya river during the summer season which becomes dry during the summer season but will also help to nourish the ecosystem, and groundwater conservation by conserving aquatic organisms. This will also provide irrigation facilities to the farmers.

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Hasiya river, a tributary of Hasdeo, which originated from the hills of the village Ghutra, after flowing for about 30-31 kilometres, finally joins the Hasdeo river near Manendragarh. After the construction of the link canal, the water flowing in the Kewai river throughout the year can easily be brought to the Hasdeo river via the Hasiya river. This will also ease the supply of drinking water from the Hasdeo River to Manendragarh town.

Meanwhile, during the inauguration of the district and Bhent-Mulaqat Abhiyan, chief minister Bhupesh Baghel promised to take every possible step for the expansion of drinking water, irrigation and sewerage facilities in Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bharatpur district. The Chief Minister had given instructions for better management of the water of perennial Kewai River.

Collector PS Dhruv said that the Kewai river originates from the hills near Bairagi village in the Manendragarh-Chirmiri-Bhatarpur district. The river enters Madhya Pradesh at Chhatai village in Anuppur district, flowing for about 36 km through Shivgarh, Tarabahra, Dandhanswahi, and Bichiyatola. Farmers and people of the district do not get much benefit from the water of the Kewai river. Therefore, it is to be connected through a link canal to the Rapta cum stop dam that was built earlier near Tarabahra village. He informed that 15-20 cusecs of water and 1-2 cusecs of the perennial flow of Kewai rivers were used for 45 square kilometre catchment area by Madhya Pradesh. A link canal will be constructed to divert the water of the Kewai river so that this water can be used for irrigation and drainage in the district.

He added that in Manendragarh, being the district headquarters, there will be a rapid increase in the population and the need for water will also increase in the future for which they need to ensure adequate water availability in the Hasdeo river. At present water is being supplied to Manendragarh town from the Hasdeo river, but after March, there will be a shortage of water in the Hasdeo river. This problem can be solved by bringing the water of the Kewai river to the Hasdeo river through the link canal and Hasiya river. He also told that the construction of a canal connecting to the Kewai river will help the farmers and people of Musra, Bahi, Ratora villages for irrigation purposes.

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