Gaurela Pendra Marwahi: 517 bags of adulterated, illegal paddy seized

Raipur: Regular checks are being conducted at the paddy procurement centers to check the quality of being paddy procured. In the same sequence, a team of revenue officials seized 284 bags of paddy from three farmers at Paddy Procurement Center Kodgar and 233 bags from Sahu grocery store and Kesarwani grocery store in village Basti, taking the total tally of seized bags to 517.

As per officials, 80 bags of paddy brought by farmer Jeevan Singh of village Pithampur to the paddy procurement center Kodgar was of a middlemen, 103 bags of paddy of farmer Bhagwan Singh village of Ghatbahra was adulterated, and 101 bags of paddy of farmer Budhwar Singh of village Murmur was seized in the committee itself the stock was old stock and belonged to another farmer. Apart from this, a total of 233 bags of paddy were seized in Sahu grocery store and Kesarwani grocery store in village Basti as they failed to produce mandi license.

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