DGP ensures weekly leave implementation for personnel

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Raipur: Director General of Police (DGP) for Chhattisgarh, Ashok Juneja, has issued stringent directives for the implementation of weekly leave orders for police personnel. The DGP has instructed various police units across the state to ensure the enforcement of the order at the grassroots level, guaranteeing that personnel ranging from station in-charges to constables receive one day of rest per week.
The directive comes in response to the challenging work schedules of police personnel, who are often on duty seven days a week, depriving them of adequate rest. This continuous duty pattern exposes them to various mental and physical health issues, and they find it challenging to allocate time for their families.
Recognizing these concerns, there has been an ongoing demand for facilities like weekly leave to be provided to police personnel, aiming to address these issues and improve their overall well-being.

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