Deputy CM Vijay Sharma hits back at LOP Charandas Mahant for his remark on PM Modi

Day after Leader of Opposition Dr Charandas Mahant delivered a controversial statement against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP has hit back on Wednesday. Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma on Wednesday launched BJP’s poster in which it is written ‘I am Modi’s family, hit me with the first lathi.’
While releasing the poster in front of the media, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma said that BJP wants to take the issue to the public through the poster. An appeal has been made to apologize Modi and the public. Along with this, an apology should also be made to the Election Commission. Mahant has instigated people to spread violence collectively. Whenever such statements have been made, public love for Modi ji has only increased.
The Deputy Chief Minister said that if the current Leader of Opposition and a veteran leader appeals voters that the one who will break Modi’s head, make him win. This kind of statement about the Prime Minister of the country is indecent, Sharma, who also holds Home Department, said. There is a request to the Election Commission that action should be taken against Mahant, this is a violation of the code of conduct.
Ironically, former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was laughing when Mahant made such statement, Sharma said.

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