Chhattisgarh CM alleges corruption in Ram Van Gaman Path Project in previous government; BJP government to launch investigation

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Vishnudeo Sai made a startling revelation on Thursday, accusing the previous government of corruption in the Ram Van Gaman Path project. The BJP government, under Sai’s leadership, has announced an immediate investigation into the alleged irregularities, promising swift action against those found guilty.
Amidst the nation’s devotion to Lord Ram, discussions on corruption have surfaced regarding the Ram Van Gaman Path project during the Congress government’s tenure in Chhattisgarh. The BJP had earlier asserted corruption in the project, and now, the Chief Minister has taken a firm stance on the matter, emphasizing the need for a thorough investigation and subsequent actions against the wrongdoers.
Speaking to the media before departing for Bastar from Raipur on Thursday, Chief Minister Sai stated, “There has been a lot of corruption in the previous government. Wherever it seems wrong, we will conduct an investigation and take action against the culprits.”
Former minister and BJP MLA from Kurud, Ajay Chandrakar, supported these claims, alleging that the Congress had committed corruption in the name of Ram. He highlighted irregularities in the project, urging a comprehensive investigation. At the time, Congress had dismissed these allegations as baseless.
Chief Minister Sai had previously addressed the issue in a cabinet meeting in December after the government’s formation, stating that Congress indulged in hypocrisy in the name of Ram. He emphasized the BJP’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Chhattisgarh is believed to be the land of Kaushalya, as described in ancient scriptures. Kosala Pradesh (Chhattisgarh) is considered the birthplace of Lord Ram, with the locals regarding him as their nephew. Ram spent a significant portion of his exile in this region. The Ram Van Gaman Path covers a distance of 2226 kilometers, traversing from Koriya in North Chhattisgarh to Konta in South Chhattisgarh, marking significant places associated with Lord Ram.
A comprehensive series of locations associated with Ram stretches from Sarguja in the north to Sukma in the south of the state. During this journey, 75 key locations have been identified across 9 districts. The previous Congress government had initiated the ‘Ram Van Gaman Path’ project, allocating funds worth 137 crores 45 lakhs for its development. The current investigation aims to address concerns of corruption and ensure the project’s transparency.

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