Bhupesh Baghel accuses BJP of political maneuvering with Mahadev Satta App ahead of Lok Sabha elections

As Lok Sabha election dates are officially announced, the political landscape in Rajnandgaon sees former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, now a Lok Sabha candidate for the Congress party, coming forward with strong allegations against the BJP.
Baghel accuses the BJP of resorting to desperate measures, including reviving the Mahadev Satta App case, in light of feedback suggesting their candidate’s impending loss in the Rajnandgaon seat.
The resurgence of the Mahadev App case comes as a fresh FIR is filed, allegedly involving Baghel’s name. However, Baghel questions the timing and authenticity of the FIR, pointing to potential political motives behind its delayed release, despite being filed in Raipur on March 4.
Highlighting his tenure’s actions against the Mahadev App, Baghel emphasizes significant crackdowns, including 450 arrests in 2022 and the passage of a bill in the Vidhan Sabha to combat illegal betting activities. He underscores the issuance of lookout circulars against key figures involved.
However, the narrative takes unexpected turns with the emergence of Subham Soni and a video release from the BJP office. Moreover, the arrest of Aseem Das in Raipur, returning from Dubai, raises suspicions, especially given the vehicle’s registration under a BJP leader’s relative.
In a surprising development, the consulate general’s statement in the High Court disavows accountability for Subham Soni’s statement in Mahadev App. Baghel vehemently denies his involvement in the Mahadev App case, alleging that his name was forcibly added to the FIR without evidence.
Despite efforts to ban the Mahadev App, Baghel alleges its continued operation, questioning the efficacy of present government’s stand. Moreover, revelations in the electoral bond case suggest donations from raided companies, including a prominent Satta App, to the BJP, prompting Baghel to question their ties.
With the FIR’s release shortly before the election, Baghel accuses the BJP of orchestrating a smear campaign against him. Nevertheless, he remains resolute, stating, “I am not afraid of such acts of BJP,” as the political battle intensifies in Rajnandgaon.

Manish Tiwari

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