Somesh Patel, Journalist from Chhattisgarh, gets his name entered in the India Book of Records.

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There is a saying that if you do any work selflessly, the result is always more than what you expect. A similar incident happened with Somesh Patel, a young TV journalist of the state. His name is now in the India Book of Records for doing the groundwork by risking his life during the Covid pandemic. During Covid, Somesh Patel reported day and night without caring about his life.

Not only this, but he also saved lives. Even though there were many such patients whose relatives were afraid to come near them, Somesh Patel not only admitted them to the hospital. But also provided food and drink to the labourers from his pocket.

He received this award for all such service works, and his name is now in the India Book of Records. On this achievement, Somesh Patel said that this honour is for ground zero reporting during the Corona period.

All I knew then was that being a journalist, one has to convey the miseries and pains of the people between the government and the society. You have to share the sorrow and pain of the people at your level.

Somesh Patel is a resident of the Koriya district of Chhattisgarh. He was born in the Baikunthpur district.

Somesh Patel has worked in different national channels for 13 years. He received the Defense Ministry award from the Government of India and the Bhagat Singh Award in 2021. He has also been honoured with the Media Excellence Award in Delhi in 2022.

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