Health Minister T S Singhdeo’s confession, there is no such thing as a change of CM.

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In an unexpected statement, Health Minister TS Singhdeo stated that there is no talk of changing the Chief Minister in the state, despite urging the Congress high command to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

He stated that time is of the essence and that the dispute should get resolved as soon as possible. It is becoming too late. This should not cause too much delay, as work is also affected.

He said that prolonging disputes spoils relationships and also leads to disputes. Talking to reporters in the capital, he said there is no such thing as change at the moment. He stated that it is up to the leaders to travel to and from Delhi. We visit Delhi to meet leaders, salute them, and discuss a variety of issues. T S Singhdeo stated that with elections approaching, the high command should resolve the matter as soon as possible.

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