Chhattisgarh is receiving less supply of chemical fertilizers from the Centre

Raipur: Keeping in view the shortage in supply of chemical fertilizers from the Central Government in Kharif 2022 by the, the State Government is making every possible effort to ensure timely availability of fertilizers to the farmers of the state. Regular coordination with the manufacturers and suppliers is being maintained for streamlining the supplies of chemical fertilizers in the state. Besides, necessary efforts are also being made to ensure proper supply of fertilizer rakes by the Railways. According to the information received from the officials, the state has received only 2.20 lakh tonnes of urea in the months of April and May 2022 against the total demand of 3.29 lakh tonnes. The entire control of distribution of urea is exercised by the Ministry of Fertilizers, Government of India. The availability of urea is 62 per cent against the demand for this Kharif year. Similarly, the availability of NPK in the state is 30 per cent while that of DAP and potash is 39 per cent and 35 per cent respectively. There is a possibility of shortage of fertilizers in the state due to inadequate supply from the center. Meanwhile, all possible efforts are being made by the state government to ensure availability of chemical fertilizers.Meanwhile, Chhattisgarh has demanded 13.70 lakh tonnes of fertilizers from the Center for Kharif 2022, which has already been approved by the Government of India. This includes 6.50 lakh tonnes Urea, 3 lakh tonnes DAP, 80 thousand tonnes potash, 1.10 lakh tonnes NPK and 2.30 lakh tonnes of superphosphate. Arrangements are being made by the state government to push farmers to lift fertilizers from cooperative institutions in advance, regular entry in POS machines and fast storage and distribution of the fertilizer received to avoid any situation of shortage of fertilizers. Since all other fertilizers except urea are mostly based on imported materials, hence they can be arranged only through the Government of India. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Central Government to provide adequate quantity of fertilizers to the state.

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