MLA Shailesh Pandey of Bilaspur taunts the BJP, saying that even the SP-Collector was unsafe during the BJP government.

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The BJP government made Chhattisgarh Naxalgarh. For 15 years, criminals were fearless. The Naxalites were repressed and pushed back by the Congress government. During the BJP government, incidents involving IPS Rahul Sharma and Journalist Sushil Pathak occurred in Bilaspur. The BJP government did not cooperate with the CBI in the investigation, so the murderer could not reveal the secrets of the case. Collector Alex Paul got kidnapped. For the past 15 years, Congress has enacted reforms to the police work culture.
BJP leaders raised questions about the law and order situation regarding the murder of history teacher Sanju Tripathi in broad daylight. Bilaspur city MLA Shailesh Pandey took a dig at the BJP leaders who made the allegations and said that BJP leaders should first assess the law and order situation in Chhattisgarh during their 15-year tenure and then make allegations. During the BJP’s rule, the state of law and order was deplorable. Perhaps they do not remember, so I want to remind them. It was the BJP government that made Chhattisgarh Naxalgarh. The BJP leaders seem to have forgotten the Jhiram Ghati massacre. Criminals were fearless for 15 years under the BJP’s rule.
The Naxalites were cornered and pushed back when the Congress government came to power. In Bilaspur, incidents such as the suspicious death of IPS officer Rahul Sharma and the murder of journalist Sushil Pathak occurred under the BJP government. Today, the BJP government, concerned about the state of law and order, has refused to cooperate with the CBI in its investigation. As a result, perpetrators have yet to be apprehended. Alex Paul Memon, a collector, was kidnapped during the BJP regime. The police beat to death the guard at Jeet Talkies in Bilaspur. Everyone knows who was behind the sterilisation massacre in Bilaspur and the action taken.

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