Day after Dharamjit Singh expelled from JCC-J for six years, he accused Amit Jogi of misbehaving with his wife over phone

Dharamjit Singh said his participation in Amit Shah’s event on August 27, 2022 did not go down well with Amit Jogi.

Dharamjit Singh expressed apprehension of murderous attempt on him after these developments.


Day after JCC-J expelled its legislative leader Dharamjit Singh for a period of six years accusing him of gross violation of party principles, Singh on Monday rejected outright the allegation made by party national president Dr Renu Jogi and state president Amit Jogi.

Addressing media persons at Raipur Press Club on Monday, Lormi MLA Dharamjit Singh said, “Amit Jogi developed a distrust as far as my loyalty towards the party is concerned. My participation in the Modi@20 event of BJP, addressed by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on August 27 along with my party colleague MLA Pramod Sharma, did not go down well with Amit Jogi. I had no agenda in attending the programme of Amit Shah but to listen to him as he is a great leader,” Dharamjit said.

“Further, Amit Jogi crossed all limits when he misbehaved with my wife during his Bilaspur tour on August 28, 2022. Amit Jogi used slang for me while talking to my ailing wife over phone from Sagon Bungalow of Bilaspur. If he had any issue, he should have talk directly to me, not my wife,” said Dharamjit.  

Dharamjit Singh has predicted a murderous attempt on him and his murder cannot be ruled out after his expulsion from the party. “How dedicated I am towards ST, SC and other backward classes can be gauged from the fact that I get almost 100 per cent votes of tribal in elections in my constituency,” said Dharamjit while rejecting the allegation of party core committee that he had indulged in anti-tribal activities.

“My wife Shashi Singh was crying when I reached home on August 28, the day of event when Amit Jogi misbehaved with her over phone,” he said.      

Amit Jogi accused Dharamjit of conspiring to join BJP along with MLA Pramod Sharma.

On September 8, Amit Jogi sent another messageapologizing for his act. He wrote that due to the sudden deterioration his mother’s health, something inappropriate happened.

Renu Jogi had also messaged expressing regret for what Amit Jogi did with him, said Singh.

Singh said that he has been doing politics for more years than Amit Jogi’s age. “I have contested the assembly elections six times. I am a four-time MLA. Amit Jogi has no respect for women. If a person talks to my wife with such languages, I would like to reject such a legislator 100 times, but respect is not compromised. I am not his slave. Whatever I want to do, I will do it openly,” he said.

JCC-J MLA Pramod Sharma, who was also present in the press conference on Monday, challenged Amit Jogi to expel him. “I had received several messages from Amit Jogi regarding my expulsion, but he withdrawshis words when I strongly react unlike Dharamjit Ji,” Sharma said. 

Countering the allegations of MLA Dharamjit Singh, JCC-J state president Amit Jogi said, “My culture does not allow me to say anything against my seniors.”

Ajit Jogi had founded JCC-J for the upliftment of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes and the poor and downtrodden people of the society. But in view of the conspiracy hatched to destroy the existence of the party and crush the identity of Chhattisgarh, the party was left with no option but to take action against Dharamjit Singh. “It is sad that Dharamjit Chacha more likes becoming Eknath Shinde of Chhattisgarh, compromising his regional self-respect. It is not Thakur Dharamjit Singh ji, but Eknath Shinde is speaking against me,” said Amit Jogi

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