Major decline in maternal mortality rate in Chhattisgarh, drops from 159 to 137

Raipur: Chhattisgarh’s Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) has dropped to an all-time low of 137.  Due to the special attention paid by the state government to maternal and child health, the MMR of Chhattisgarh which was 159 between 2016 and 2018 has now come down to 137.  This is the lowest figure for maternal mortality in the state so far.

The Special Bulletin (SRS – Sample Registration System) on maternal mortality in the country between the years 2018 to 2020 has been issued by the Office of the Registrar General of India on November 28.  According to this, there has been a decrease of 22 points in the MMR of the state in the last three years.  According to the SRS data, the maternal mortality rate per one lakh live births in the state has come down from 159 to 137 now.

‘Mukhyamantri Suposhan Abhiyan’ has been implemented to provide better nutrition to pregnant and lactating women.  Health services have been continuously strengthened to provide better care for maternal health and to provide all kinds of treatment to pregnant and lactating mothers. The health of high-risk pregnant women is also regularly checked and monitored.

The number of maternity institutions is also increasing continuously in the state.  The facilities for cesarean delivery have also increased in government hospitals.  Mitanins and ANMs are continuously monitoring maternal and child health at the community and field levels.  Due to all these steps taken by the state government, there has been a significant reduction in the maternal mortality rate in the state.

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