Free medical tests, treatment, medicines for people visiting ‘Rajyotsav’

Raipur: The health department has set up an exhibition at the Rajyotsav venue here at Science College Ground where people are being  provided facilities of free medical tests, treatment and medicines.

In addition, counseling regarding non-communicable diseases, tuberculosis, eye related diseases, family planning and maternal and child health is also being given by setting up separate counters here on the theme of ‘Hamar Aspatal’ which is being operated in four urban health centers of Raipur city.

Along with sickle cell, different blood related tests are also being done here. The people coming to see the Rajyotsava and the National Tribal Dance Festival, as well as the artists who come to participate in the Tribal Dance Festival, are taking advantage of the health services being provided here at the stall of the health department.

A Mongolian artist–who reached here to participate in the National Tribal Dance Festival–suffering from muscle pain was also given prompt treatment by the doctors present at the stall here.

E-registration room, NCD (Non-communicable Diseases) clinic, OPD doctor’s room, medicine distribution room, Maternal and Child Health Counseling Room, TB Counseling Room and Eye Examination Room in the development exhibition of the health department at Rajyotsav site. 

Meanwhile, in the last two days, 48 ​​people have been screened for TB in the TB counseling room set up in the stall by the Health Department team. Out of these, the sputum of 33 people has been sent to the lab for True-Nat test. Similarly, eye examination of 356 people has also been done. Of these, 12 patients found to be suffering from cataract have been referred to various government hospitals for further investigation and treatment.

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