Ananya Birla, performs in Raipur. During her performance, she announced that she will plant 10,000 saplings to help the environment.

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Ananya Birla, a young singer and businesswoman, performed in Raipur. Environmental changes were also discussed in this programme titled “Role of Youth in Climate Change,”. Here, Ananya’s band performed Bollywood and English songs. Ananya performed the well-known song Dube Dube here.

Ananya is the daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla, who is worth more than 11 billion dollars. She works to raise awareness about social issues through music concerts. The programme was in the DD Auditorium in Raipur. In this program, the Chief Minister’s advisor, Gaurav Dwivedi, welcomed Ananya.

A panel discussion also took place before Ananya’s performance. Keeping her point here, Ananya said that today’s youth is sensible; with their way of life, they can work in environmental protection. She pledged to plant 10,000 saplings in 2023, starting with the DDU Auditorium complex in Raipur. Here she planted a tree.

Ananya also has an organisation of her own, the Ananya Birla Foundation. It works towards environmental awareness, education, and women’s health to remove their economic problems.
She told the media that I used to go to music clubs during my school and college days. I used to play musical instruments there. I used to enjoy it so much that I decided to make a career in music. Ananya says I write about my emotions in songs. The goal is for no one to feel isolated by the music. When I was growing up, music was my best friend. I wanted more people to consider my music a friend. I love what I do, and my family has supported me.

Ananya has millions of followers on social media. She plays many instruments, including drums, santoor, and guitar keyboard.

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