Workshop for cops organised to make them aware about errors they do in investigation and how to rectify those

Judicial officers provided vital tips to the cops


Superintendent of Police, Korba, Santosh Singh,arranged a workshop for the police officials and employees to strengthen the policing. The officials and employees were acquainted with the technical and legal errors they commit during the handling of cases. The experiment done by the SP for the improvement of the cops remained successful. The workshop was organised on September 11 at EDC Hostel of NTPC.

Special Judge Sanghpushpa Bhatpahari, Special Judge FTC Vikram Pratap Chandra, Chief Judicial Magistrate Krishna Kumar Suryavanshialso graced the occasion.

SP Santosh Singh said that with the changing times, criminals have changed the way of committing crime. Similarly the laws are also being amended, but the police officers are not aware of these amendments due to their busy schedule and rigorous field work. 

There are many types of errors committed by the cops during the investigation and analysis of a case, which provide an advantage to the criminals. To remove these errors, workshops should be organized with judicial officers from time to time, so that quality investigation can be ensured and the guilty are punished.

Special Judge Bhatpahari gave detailed information about the errors usually occurred during the investigation of a case and how to rectify those mistakes.  Special Judge FTC Chandra threw lights on cases of POCSO Act. Detailed information was given about the errors and corrections made in the investigation.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Krishna Kumar Suryavanshi gave information regarding the removal of common shortcomings in the investigation and research. 

Additional Superintendent of Police AbhishekVerma, City Superintendent of Police YogeshSahu, Darri City Superintendent of Police LiteshSingh, Katghora SDOP Ishwar Trivedi and in-charge of all police stations and investigation officers were present.

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