Two accused were sentenced to death for the murder of Ward Panch.

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Hearing in the case of murder of Ward Panch in village Tusma under Shivrinarayan police station, the court has sentenced both the accused to death. This is most likely the first time a death sentence was awarded in the Janjgir-Champa district’s history. The unique aspect is that, following the incident, the accused, carrying blood-stained weapons, climbed the water tank and recorded a video of themselves on their mobile phone, accepting the incident and discussing killing people.
According to information received from court sources, Panch Bhagwat Sahu, posted in the Gram Panchayat, was brutally murdered with a sharp-edged weapon on November 20, 2021, in village Tusma under the Shivrinarayan police station area.
After the incident, the accused, Sohit Kewat and Sunil Kumar Kewat, climbed the water tank there and made a video on their mobile, in which they confessed to the murder of Ward Panch Bhagwat Sahu over the transaction of the land sale amount. Not only this, but he also made the video made on mobile viral on social media.
As soon as the incident was reported, Shivrinarayan police station in charge Ravindra Anand Sadal Bal arrived on the scene and arrested the accused with blood-stained weapons. The police charged him with a crime under sections 302 and 34. Following an inquiry, the police presented the charge sheet in court, where after being found guilty after complete evidence and witness statements, the first Additional Sessions Judge Suresh Joon deemed the case very serious. Given the seriousness of the crime and the social impact, he sentenced the accused Sohit Kewat and Sunil Kumar Kewat to death under section 302, 34, resident of Tusma. Public Prosecutor Rajesh Pandey represented the case on behalf of the prosecution.

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