Two Youths Killed in Chhattisgarh “Mob Lynching” Incident

Two youths from the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh were tragically killed in Chhattisgarh. Around midnight between Thursday and Friday, three young men were transporting animals in a truck in the Arang police station area. According to a police officer, a group of 10-12 youths pursued them. They cornered the truck on the Mahanadi bridge and brutally assaulted its occupants. The incident has been described as a “mob lynching”.

One of the youths’ bodies was later found in the Mahanadi River, while the second youth succumbed to injuries during treatment at the hospital. The third youth is severely injured and currently receiving medical care in a private hospital in Raipur. Both bodies have been sent for post-mortem examinations to ascertain the exact cause of death.
The unfortunate event took place around 2:30 AM on Friday. Some youths received information that a truck was allegedly involved in animal trafficking. They chased the vehicle, which was registered in Durg. The group managed to overtake and surround the truck on the Mahanadi bridge in the Arang police station area.
Inside the truck were three young men: Chand Miyan, Guddu Khan, and Saddam Khan. The attackers accused them of cattle smuggling and began to beat them severely. It is reported that the assailants threw Chand Miyan and Guddu Khan off the bridge following the assault.
Saddam Khan sustained serious injuries and is undergoing treatment in the hospital. All three youths are from Saharanpur. The Arang police are trying to gather information from the injured Saddam Khan. Reports suggest that Chand Miyan and Guddu Khan, in extreme fear due to the assault, jumped into the Mahanadi and died after hitting rocks. Saddam Khan has significant injuries on his back due to the attack.
According to Raipur Additional SP Rural, Kirtan Rathore, the police responded swiftly once they received the information, and a 112 emergency team reached the location. The injured were transported to Mahasamund District Hospital, where unfortunately, two people died. Post-mortem examinations were conducted at Arang and Mahasamund hospitals, with the reports still awaited.
The police are scrutinizing CCTV footage from the area. At the scene, the truck was found filled with cattle, but no individuals were present. One injured person remains in the ICU and is currently unable to provide a statement due to his critical condition. The police are thoroughly investigating all aspects of the incident.

Manish Tiwari

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