Modi’s emotional tactics ineffective, says Chhattisgarh Congress President Deepak Baij

Chhattisgarh Congress President Deepak Baij commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emotional demeanor during election campaigns, stating, “The Prime Minister is a seasoned player when it comes to emotional cards. However, this time, none of his cards are going to work.”
“In his first election, he fought on the issues of inflation and unemployment. In the second, he took on Pulwama. Now, in the third, he’s playing several cards,” Baij added.
“He can fall from the stage himself,” Baij remarked, highlighting the Prime Minister’s vulnerability during emotional moments. “He has only two weapons left to emotionally connect with the public. Firstly, very soon, he will be seen bowing to the public from the stage. Secondly, he will be seen enacting a drama of falling from the stage. Modi ji is skilled at playing emotional cards, but this time, none of his cards seem to be working.”

Regarding the by-elections, Deepak Baij stated, “I said yesterday that there will be by-elections in three Vidhan Sabhas. Since I said that, the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party have lost sleep; they are unable to sleep. I had made a big claim, and it is certain that by-elections will be held on these three seats. It is evident that the Congress Party is in depression.”

“Rahul Gandhi will be Prime Minister with 101% certainty,” Baij confidently proclaimed. “After the fourth phase, the Congress alliance has gained momentum. If a Prime Minister is to be elected in the

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