Man duped of Rs 30 lakh under pretext of Cryptocurrency investment in Raipur

A man was swindled out of Rs 30 lakh under the guise of investing in cryptocurrency. The fraudsters promised him a monthly return of 10%. Following this, the man transferred the money in several installments from his bank account. This incident occurred in the Mujgahan police station area.
In this case, Sushant Kumar filed an FIR at the Mujgahan police station. He told the police that he met a man named Amit Kumar Thapa in Kolkata. Amit, along with Ved Prakash and Rajendra Singh, presented a business plan for cryptocurrency investment. They claimed that Mayur Kumar Rajnikant and Vijay Kumar Rathore were running an e-commerce company in Surat, Gujarat.
The accused convinced Sushant that by investing in this company, he would earn a 10% monthly return. Tempted by the offer, the victim transferred approximately Rs 30 lakh to the accused’s bank account in multiple installments on July 31, 2022, including sums of Rs 500,000, Rs 250,000, Rs 200,000, and Rs 50,000. Additionally, Sushant claims that about Rs 800,000 to Rs 900,000 was also deposited in cash.
When Sushant asked Amit Thapa for his money back, Amit kept postponing it with various excuses. Upon investigating the company, Sushant discovered that it had shut down and was being operated under a different name. Realizing he had been defrauded, Sushant filed an FIR with the police.
Regarding the case, Mujgahan Police Station in-charge Ashish Rajput stated that Sushant had lodged a complaint, alleging that he had sent about INR 3 million in installments to the accused in 2022. Currently, one suspect is in custody, and the police are working to arrest the other accused and reveal further details of the case.

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