Main attraction in ‘Krishi Madai’:  Spraying of fertilizers and pesticides using drones

Raipur: A five-day long “Agri Carnival 2022 International Krishi Madai” is being organized at Indira Gandhi Agricultural University here, from October 14 to 17. The event aims to showcase the innovations, latest technologies and research work done in the field of agriculture. A variety of agricultural equipment is being displayed and sold here. 

One of the main attractions of this exhibition is the live demo of spraying soluble fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides through drone technology, which is being applauded by the farmers. ‘Kisan Pathshala’ is also being organized here in which the problems of more than 500 farmers are being resolved every day by the scientists. In addition, the farmers are also being educated about advanced technologies, modern equipment, and innovations in the field of agriculture. Information is being provided on seeds, manure, fertilizers, and other topics related to agriculture by subject experts.

Meanwhile, stalls of more than 130 agricultural products andi agricultural machinery manufacturing companies have been set up in this exhibition sprawled over an area of about 15,000 square meters. Agricultural scientists, advisors, and traders are also actively participating in the exhibition. In this exhibition, the farmers and the general public are also being given detailed information about the farmers’ welfare schemes run by agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries, and other departments. Besides, advanced methods for the cultivation of horticulture crops, protected farming, organic farming, and low-cost farming methods are also being demonstrated here.

Latest agricultural technology, and agricultural products are also being displayed and sold in Madai. This includes developed farm equipment and advanced agricultural equipment, advanced irrigation system (drip and sprinkler), improved seeds, fertilizers and insecticides, biofertilizers and chemicals, protected farming equipment, solar pumps, and other useful agricultural products. Besides, a farmers’ tour program is also being organized in which the farmers are being taken daily for visits to the research fields, well-planned Agricultural Development Center, and laboratories of Indira Gandhi Agricultural University.

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