Former CM Bhupesh Baghel asks government who they are protecting in Bemetara blast

Former Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has raised serious concerns about the recent explosion at a factory in Pirda village, Bemetara district. Posting on social media site X, Baghel questioned, “Bemetara Blast, whose guarantee and whose good governance is protecting the culprits? Which close ally of the power is being protected? Answers must be given.”
More than two days have passed since the blast, yet the number of missing people remains unclear. In light of this, Bhupesh Baghel has posed five questions to the BJP government. The administration claims only eight workers are missing, but villagers assert the number is much higher.

Bhupesh’s 5 Questions to the Government:

Why has no FIR been filed even 48 hours after the incident?
Has the ad ministration asked the factory management how many workers were on duty that day?
How many workers are actually missing, since villagers dispute the administration’s claim of eight?
Why is excess explosive material being removed? What amount of explosives will be recorded in the investigation?
The administration announced compensation for the victims’ families, which villagers have refused. Will the administration increase the compensation?
Why No FIR Yet?
The blast was so horrific that victims’ bodies were shredded. Body parts have been collected in polythene bags and sent for DNA testing. Despite the severity of the incident, no FIR has been registered yet. Answers must be provided.
Officials say FIR after investigation
Deputy CM Arun Saw, who visited the site post-incident, directed departmental officials to conduct a magisterial inquiry. Officials have stated that any FIR will be filed only after this investigation. However, questions remain about who will lead the magisterial inquiry and the timeline for the report. Departmental officials do not have answers to these questions.

The rescue operation concluded about 35 hours after the blast at the explosive manufacturing factory in Bemetara on Saturday. Collector Ranbir Sharma informed the media that no information has been found about the eight missing individuals. Efforts to locate and identify them will continue, including DNA testing. The factory will provide 5 lakh rupees to the families of the missing persons.

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