Dr C V Raman University showcases Chattisgarhi art and culture at Sanjohi.

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Bilaspur. To preserve and promote the art and culture of Chhattisgarh and make the Chhattisgarhi lifestyle known to the future generation basically, Chhattisgarhi Sanjohi has been established at Dr C V. Raman University. It will act as a knowledge centre. It will be helpful for students doing research in the field of Sanjohi Chhattisgarhi art, culture and forest style and students appearing in competitive examinations.

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In this regard, the Registrar of the University, Gaurav Shukla, said that the concept of self-reliant India is of the rural lifestyle because the people here are self-reliant. Therefore, an attempt has been made in Chhattisgarhi Sanjohi to showcase the traditional style of Chhattisgarhi rural technology in a lively form. At the same time, the self-reliance of society and its artistic expression in everyday work is on display. In the Chhattisgarh environment or the traditional sports of the village, the sports content of these games, women’s makeup and clothing, art and lifestyle are shown here in a living form.

He said students living a modern lifestyle are influenced by traditional knowledge and utilise it in a simple lifestyle. They believe that through modernity we are losing useful and simple living systems. The youth must learn this traditional knowledge.

Gaurav Shukla said that Chhattisgarhi Sanjohi has a rare collection of all the articles. There is a rare collection of all the objects related to agriculture, agriculture, sports, food rituals, and goods according to beliefs, religion, tradition, necessity, essentiality and lifestyle.

Arvind Tiwari, director and academician of Chhattisgarhi Sanjohi, said that the university was preparing it for the past five years. It will be a knowledge centre for the students preparing for competitive examinations and those researching different areas of Chhattisgarh.

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