CM Baghel urges revenue officials to change their working style

Raipur: Chief minister Bhupesh Baghel reviewed in detail the working of the revenue department on the second day of the Collector’s Conference today. Expressing deep displeasure over the lax working of the revenue department, he asked collectors to ensure effectiveness in the working of the department. He also urged the department officials and employees to bring changes in their working style.

Baghel said that work of citizens should be completed within the stipulated time frame. He asked the collectors and commissioners to regularly inspect the tehsil works. While reviewing the status of crop damage due to excessive and scanty rainfall, all the collectors were instructed to be sensitive while getting the relief amounts under RBC 6(4) to the affected farmers within the time limit.

The Chief Minister asked that the pending cases of land conversion should be resolved within the time limit besides asking to dispose of all the revenue cases timely. He said that the citizens should not face any inconveniences due to delay in revenue matters. 

Giving a stern warning to the officials for not completing the work of the citizens within the time limit, he said that strict action will be taken on the corruption complaints. He also directed to pay special attention to the receipts of revenue income.

Patwaris who have completed a tenure of three years at one place will be transferred

Chief Minister asked the collectors to transfer the Patwaris who have completed a tenure of three years at the same place. He also expressed deep displeasure over the delay in demarcation cases in urban areas and said that the revenue staff in these areas should be changed. He said that such cases should be resolved within the set time-limit. Similarly, in new districts, citizens should get the benefit of speedy disposal of revenue cases.

Ensure Baiga, Gunia, priests get NYAY Scheme benefits

The Chief Minister said that Baiga, Gunia, priests have also been included under the scope of Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana being run by the Revenue Department. He asked to make these beneficiaries aware about the scheme besides ensuring that they also get the benefit of the same.

The island of Gangrel Dam will be developed as a tourist attraction

Baghel stressed on the need for decent hotels at the popular tourist spots of the state to meet the needs of tourists. He added that this would increase tourist influx. He also asked to develop the island of Gangrel Dam as a tourist attraction in a bid to boost tourism and employment opportunities for the locals.

Tourist accommodation facilities to be developed under Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit project

While reviewing the development works being done under the Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit, the Chief Minister said that arrangements should be made to provide accommodation to tourists at important places coming in the circuit.

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