Chhattisgarh’s new legislators’ orientation programme: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said, “Enhance your skills and capabilities with new techniques…”

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla on Saturday suggested to the legislators of the Chhattisgarh assembly to enhance their skills and capabilities with new techniques as the two-day orientation programme of the legislators began on Saturday ahead of the Budget Session, commencing on February 5. The Lok Sabha Speaker inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp. During this, Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker Satish Mahana, Deputy Chief Minister Arun Sao, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Brijmohan Agrawal, opposition leader Charandas Mahant, and other legislators were also present. The Lok Sabha Speaker said that Chhattisgarh has been a symbol of beauty and spiritual peace. The state may be small, but it has diversity. The local customs here influence the entire country. It is fortunate for the legislators to have the opportunity to become members of this assembly. I believe that all legislators will live up to the trust placed in them by the people. He said that I also believe that we should enhance our capabilities through new techniques.

Furthermore, he said that participating in parliamentary activities during the orientation programme will help them fulfill constitutional responsibilities while understanding parliamentary duties. The advantage of the experiences of Dr. Raman Singh, who has been the Chief Minister three times, will serve as the speaker of this assembly. Chief Minister Vishnudeo Sai has also been a minister at the center, and his experiences will also be beneficial, he said. He further stated that during the formulation of policies in the House for the development of the state, discussions will be held with legislators. Democracy is very old in India. Democracy has been a part of our lives in our work style. In our parliamentary democracy, our prestige has increased worldwide. From Independence to now, there have been more than 18 general elections and more than three hundred state assembly elections. The transfer of power has happened in a normal way.
Om Birla said that Legislative Assembly is a platform where legislators, whether from the ruling party or the opposition, keep their area’s concerns strongly. It respects the sentiments of the people. It is a good tradition here that when members come to the chamber, all party members support the suspension. When it comes to collective welfare, all parties need to work together in a group. When such issues arise in the country, we stand united with collectivism. Decisions are made with consensus. Better discussions on various issues of the state within the legislative assembly are essential.
Om Birla said, “I will urge the Speaker of the Assembly to digitize all the important discussions that take place in the House. Detailed discussions will be held on the two-day orientation programme. I urge all legislators, both old and new, to sit in the House as much as possible. I believe that a legislator who sits in the House for a long time can effectively convey his point.”

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