BJP’s Victory in Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Elections: Impact of State Ministers

BJP’s victory in Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha elections was significantly influenced by state ministers like Brijmohan Agrawal, Saroj Pandey, Vijay Sharma, Vishnudeo Sai, Ramvichar Netam, and Kiran Dev, showcasing the collective ministerial impact on election results.
The BJP achieved a remarkable victory in 10 of the 11 Lok Sabha seats in Chhattisgarh in the recent elections. However, the influence of state ministers on these results varied significantly. Noteworthy is the BJP’s loss in Korba, despite two active ministers and the candidacy of Saroj Pandey, who is a notable party leader and national vice-president.
Among the 12 state ministers, 11 were tasked with securing electoral wins. Brijmohan Agrawal, one minister, also contested the Raipur Lok Sabha seat. An in-depth look at the ministers’ efforts, including those of the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, highlights the election outcomes in their regions.
In Korba, Labour Minister Lakhanlal Dewangan and Health Minister Shyam Bihari Jaiswal, who represent the assembly seats under Korba Lok Sabha, could not turn the tide for Saroj Pandey. Despite 6 out of 8 assembly seats being held by BJP MLAs, Pandey lost by 43,283 votes, largely due to inadequate local support.
In Bilaspur, Tohkan Lal Sahu of the BJP triumphed over Congress candidate Devendra Yadav by 164,558 votes. Deputy CM Arun Sao’s influence was notable, with BJP receiving 72,486 votes in his Lormi constituency, narrowly beating Congress’s 72,002 votes.
Durg saw Vijay Baghel of BJP retaining his seat with a significant margin of 438,226 votes. Despite Minister Dayaldas Baghel’s efforts, BJP only garnered 71,412 votes against Congress’s 111,912 votes in Navagarh.
In Rajnandgaon, BJP’s Santosh Pandey defeated Congress’s Bhupesh Baghel by 44,411 votes. Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sharma played a significant role in this win, with BJP securing 125,803 votes compared to Congress’s 115,398 votes in the Kawardha segment.

Raigarh benefited from the combined influence of Chief Minister Vishnudeo Sai and Finance Minister OP Choudhary. BJP’s Radheshyam Rathiya won by a margin of 240,391 votes, with strong support reflected in the 95,124 votes in Kunukuri against Congress’s 55,257, and 130,461 votes in Choudhary’s area.

In Sarguja, Women and Child Development Minister Lakshmi Rajwade and Agriculture Minister Ramvichar Netam significantly contributed to Chintamani Maharaj’s victory by 64,585 votes. The BJP received 97,973 votes in Bhatgaon, surpassing Congress’s 81,580 votes.

Brijmohan Agrawal achieved a historic win in Raipur with 575,000 votes. Minister Tankram Verma was also instrumental, with the BJP dominating Balodabazar, securing 130,567 votes against Congress’s 70,379 votes.

Bastar saw Mahesh Kashyap of the BJP defeating Congress’s Kawasi Lakhma by 55,245 votes. The efforts of Minister Kedar Kashyap and BJP state president Kiran Dev were pivotal in reclaiming this constituency from Congress.

This detailed analysis underscores the considerable but varied impact of state ministers on BJP’s performance in the Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha elections.

Manish Tiwari

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