Youth beaten black and blue by hanging upside down from a tree on suspicion of theft

Youth beaten black and blue by hanging  upside down from a tree on suspicion of theft


Police arrested three youths and search was on for others 

Bilaspur:A video of a youth being brutally beaten up on suspicion of theft has gone viral in Bilaspur. The video shows that four to five youths are beating another youth who was hanged upside down in a tree. 

The victim youth was heard begging to send him to the jail instead of punishing him like this for his misdeeds, but his voices did not fell in the deaf ears of the attackers. 

As the video went viral, the police caught three youths who had thrashed the victim. During interrogation, it has been found that the youth was caught red-handed while stealing, who was let off by the police. That’s why the youths beat him up.

Mahavir Suryavanshi, a resident of Garhwat of Ratanpur area, used to work as a watchman in the Uchhabhati village of Sipat area in Bilaspur. On Monday morning, he entered Manish Khare’s house by opening the chain, but he was caught red-handed and handed over to the police. Mahavir was drunk at the time of his arrest and he was released by the police him without any action.

Mahavir entered the house again and escaped

It is said that, Mahavir again entered Manish’s house and he was spotted by the familyMahavir rain away. Since then Manish and his friends were searching for Mahavir. On Thursday, he was found at farm house outside the village. Manish KhareYuvraj Khare and Janu Bhargava and his other friends caught Mahavir hanged him upside down from the tree and beat him black and blue.

They also made a video of the incident. During this, other youths were being provoked to beat him. Amidst the brutal beating, the youth was seen trying to climb a tree to protect himself

After the video went viral on social media, probationer IPS Vikas Kumar and his team started searching for the youths and succeeded in apprehending three youths. Search is on for others.

The police have started searching for Mahavirwho has left the work in fear and was missing. It is being told that he has fled the village after the beating. Police said that they have received information about the youth staying <