Health Minister inspects the district hospital at Pandri.

Health Minister inspects the district hospital at Pandri.

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Today, Health Minister TS Singhdeo visited the district hospital at Pandri and inspected the arrangements available in the hospital. He obtained information about the essential drugs available on the hospital premises, including the most used medicines and the types of medications that are not available. He interacted with the staff involved in prescription management and asked them about the medication given to the patients in the hospital.

After this, Health Minister TS Singhdeo inspected the “Hamar Lab” set up on the hospital premises and got detailed information about the testing process through state-of-the-art machines and the facilities available to the patients. He admired the Lab staff after seeing the whole process of blood group testing.

Later, Health Minister TS Singhdeo inspected the machines installed in the Bacteriology Lab and Serology Lab on the District Hospital premises and got information while discussing their works in detail. He appreciated the infrastructure and facilities in the district hospital and said that at present, the number of patients in this 130-bed hospital is less, some wards were kept on hold due to corona management, which is now being added to the normal system. Along with this, about 140 medicines are currently available out of 236; he further said that such inspection gives complete information about the arrangements, which helps in strengthening the systems.

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