Two senior BJP leaders come face-to-face over DMF Fund

Two senior BJP leaders come face-to-face over DMF Fund


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Raipur:While MLA Saurabh Singh writes to PM alleging misuse of DMF fund  and collector of arbitrariness, former Home Minister Nanki Ram Kanwar terms the allegation baseless.

Two senior BJP leaders have come face-to-face over District Mineral Foundation (DMF) Trust Fund in Chhattisgarh. While sitting MLA from Akaltara Constituency of Janjgir Saurabh Singh went on to accuse Korba district collector of misusing DMF fund and questioned the functioning of DMF in the district and other parts of the state in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, senior BJP leader and former Home Minister Nanki Ram Kanwar countered the letter terming accusations of his party colleague are baseless. Kanwar also wrote a letter to the PM alleging Saurabh Singh’s complaint is aimed at personal gain. 

Saurabh Singh said in the letter that gross irregularities were committed in the last three years in DMF Fund. He said that the DMF Governing Council meeting is not being held as per defined rules. About Rs 600 crore is collected in Korba, but the in-charge is using these funds on other heads instead of carrying out development works in the rural areas. The fund is being used for distribution of blankets and beautification  of collectorate. The Collector is not giving timely information to the DMF Council members about the meeting. 

“Therefore, I request for your intervention so that people of Korba and other districts of Chhattisgarh are benefited under the DMF. A central agency should conduct an inquiry into the DMF  of Chhattisgarh so as to expose corrupt people. Not only Korba, such is the situation in other districts too,” MLA SaurabhSingh wrote to the PM. 


Meanwhile, Nanki Ram Kanwar said in his letter to the Prime Minister that he is hurt by the complaint made by the MLA Saurabh Singh. The complain made about the other district is beyond comprehension, the former Home  Minister said, adding the act of MLA Singh has spoiled his image in the general public. Nanki Ram said that he had attended the meeting of the Governing Council of DMF of Korba district. He had proposed works like road, water, health etc. for my assembly constituency Rampur, which are also being approved.


Nanki Ram said that MLA Saurabh Singh is not a member of the Governing Council and he is not even aware of the works sanctioned under DMF in Korba district. An attempt has been made by him to tarnish the image of the district. “I am a tribal BJP MLA, with the above complaint a conspiracy is being hatched to create unrest in my area,” Nanki Ram said in the letter. Nanki Ram said that, it seems, the Akaltara MLA made complaint to the PM for personal gain.


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