Three were injured in Raigarh Medical College, including patients, as plaster fell from the ceiling.

Three were injured in Raigarh Medical College, including patients, as plaster fell from the ceiling.

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Raigarh.  In the women’s ward of Medical College Hospital in Raigarh, the plaster of the ceiling broke and fell on Wednesday morning. One patient and two attendants were injured. Engineers of the Public Works Department (PWD) also agree that the structure is completely dilapidated. The building needs to be vacated immediately; the roof is on the verge of collapsing. Management says that they are waiting for the budget. The hospital has not had maintenance in 8 years.


The accident took place at the Medical College Hospital around 5 am. Most of the patients and their attendants were sleeping at that time. In the accident, Pushpa (30), a resident of Sarauni, sustained injuries on her face and head. Her sister Rammati admitted due to viral also suffered injuries on her face. Amisha Yadav (20), who came with her grandmother at night, had broken her leg. Last week also the plaster had fallen, although no one got injured then. Now all the patients have been shifted to another place. There were ten patients in the ward at the time of the accident.

The Medical College Hospital operates in the old District Hospital. The new medical college building has been under construction for nearly 12 years but is still incomplete. The old building had not had any maintenance for almost eight years. In February 2021, a proposal of Rs 2 crore 47 lakh was sent for repairs and additional construction, but the government did not pass it. Due to this, now the whole building has become dilapidated. 

Plaster falling from the ceiling of Medical College Hospital is not a new thing. Such accidents happen throughout the year.

Dean of Medical College Dr PM Luka said that we asked the DME for the budget to get the building repaired. Repairs will get done when the budget is available. He said that the engineer of PWD has been called.

A 3-member team of PWD had reached the medical college in the afternoon to investigate. After the inspection, Executive Engineer RK Khamra said that patients cannot continue here. The condition is terrible. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. He said that they have made a report which they will submit to the Health Department.

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