Thousands of devotees gathered at Jagdalpur to witness Mavli Parghav ceremony of the world-famous Bastar Dussehra

Raipur: Thousands of devotees gathered at Jagdalpur to
witness the most important Mavli Parghav ceremony of the world-famous Bastar
Dussehra, which lasted for 75 days. Maa Mavli who came from Dantewada and Maa
Danteshwari met in Jagdalpur. The ritual was performed late on Thursday night.

The members of the royal family, including King Kamalchand
Bhanjdev of Bastar, arrived to parghav Maa Mavli according to tradition. The
ritual of Mavali Parghav is performed on the Navami day of Shardiya Navratri.

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On the day of Panchami of Shardiya Navratri, King Kamalchand
Bhanjdev of Bastar had reached the temple of the goddess Maa Danteshwari
located in Dantewada. According to tradition, he had invited Maa Mavli to
attend Bastar Dussehra. On the day of Ashtami, the doli of Maa Mavali and the
umbrella of Maa Danteshwari left for Jagdalpur which reached Jagdalpur late on
Thursday night. According to tradition, on the day of Navami, King Kamalchand
of Bastar arrived to welcome Mata. Flowers were also showered at the places
where Mata’s Doli and Chhatra were circumambulated in the city.

The king told that this tradition is going on for about 600
years. From Maharaja Praveenchand Bhanjdev till now, everyone comes to worship
the mother wearing Kantaband (crown of flowers on the head of the king) at the
time of the ritual. “I am also following the same tradition. After completing
the necessary rituals, I have brought her to the royal palace on the shoulder.
Until the departure of the mother, the mother will remain in the palace
courtyard. He said that this time we all ask for this vow that Mother should
get rid of this corona pandemic”, he said.

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