The public feels the brunt of the Government Vaccine System fiasco.

The public feels the brunt of the Government Vaccine System fiasco.

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Raipur. Thousands of people are feeling trapped in the government system of vaccination in Janjgir, Chhattisgarh. Those who had their first dose, are not able to get the second. Those who have had both the shots can neither travel nor go to the place of pilgrimage. About 10 thousand people of the district have not yet received the Covid certificate. They had registered through the CGTEEKA app, but its data has not been transferred to the Covin app yet.


The state government had closed the CGTEEKA app in June. Those who registered in it got the certificate of the first dose but are not getting the second. At the same time, those who registered for the first dose are stuck. A vaccination certificate is mandatory for many things in the government guideline. Now people are getting worried because it is not there.


The data of CGTEEKA was to be transferred to the Covin portal, but that hasn’t happened yet. On the other hand, cyber experts say that there will be more problems for those who gave identity cards other than Aadhaar in CGTEEKA. COVIN portal is not accepting any ID other than Aadhar, Whereas registration in CGTEEKA could also be done through a driving license, ration card, PAN card or voter ID.


Even after vaccination, where people are getting upset, the officers have distanced themselves from this matter. There are about 30 lakh people in the state who had registered with CGTEEKA. District Vaccination Officer Pushpendra Lahare says that there is no clarity in this matter. He said that it is a state and central issue.

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