The health department appeals to pet owners to get their animals vaccinated against rabies.

The health department appeals to pet owners to get their animals vaccinated against rabies.

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Raipur. The Health Department has asked pet owners to get their pets required shots to prevent rabies infection. To prevent rabies, immediately wash the animal bite with running water and soap or antiseptic for 15 to 20 minutes. Dogs should get the vaccination at three months of age. An additional dose should also be given every three years, depending on the type of vaccine.


State Nodal Officer for Rabies Control, Dr Dharmendra Gahvai, said that, there is no cure for it. We can save lives with timely treatment and the anti-rabies vaccine. You can get rabies vaccine free of cost at your nearest primary health centre, community health centre and district hospitals. The bite of an infected dog is responsible for 97% of cases. In addition to infected dogs, the disease can also be transmitted by biting or nailing a cat, monkey, mongoose, fox, jackal or other wild animals.


Safe and effective treatment of animal bites is available in government hospitals. If an animal is bitten, wash the wound immediately in running water with soap, Dettol or other antiseptics for 15 to 20 minutes. Complete vaccination on time as per the doctor’s advice. Do not ignore licking, nail or biting wounds by animals. Do not apply chilli powder, mustard oil, acid or chemical irritating to the cut wound. Stay away from exorcism, sorcery and superstitions. Bandage the wound. Keep children away from stray animals. Most animals bite when persecuted or for self-defence.


Rabies is spread from animals to humans. The rabies virus enters the human body through the bite, wound, scratches and saliva of an animal suffering from rabies. Symptoms of rabies appear one to three months after a dog bite. Nowadays, people immediately seek medical help in case of a dog or any other animal bite. This has resulted in a reduction in rabies deaths. An adequate number of anti-rabies vaccines have been made available in government hospitals. Last year, more than one lakh 57 thousand people got anti-rabies injections across the state.

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